Dear Sir..

A series of imaginary correspondences with current and past Formula One drivers.

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Mr Whitmarsh,

My husband Henry and I, after a most enjoyable episode of Emmerdale, came across yourself on a sports program, motor cars I believe.

I wondered if I might trouble you for the name of the shop you purchased your woollen pullover? It is precisely the kind of item I have been trying to find for Henry, as he struggles with a zip and the one you wore had only a few buttons from the chest up.

If you are able to remember if there were any alternate colours, and if they came without the patches. I appreciate that Vodafone may be a quality clothing brand, but I don’t understand the fashions these days whereby the wearer must advertise about their person!

Yours in anticipation

Mrs Brenda Dickinson


Dear Mrs Dickenson,

That particular pullover is part of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes clothing range, and is indeed a quality item. It’s also available in black, although I’m not sure that this would be the kind of thing you’d be looking for.

I have contained with this letter a copy of the latest M&S menswear catalogue, as I am on the mailing list and found nothing in it which took my fancy. If you turn to page 23 you will find a similar style of over the head knitwear, with no zips.

I do love Emmerdale, and catch up on the Sky plus box whenever I’m in England.


Martin Whitmarsh
Team Principle Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 


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